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2014-07-29 22:18:10 by StarF68

Do you like Borderlands?

How about hip hop/nerdcore?!

If you answered yes to either of those, or especially both, you should definitely check out the new EP from the group I'm in: RPG-Unit!

You can get it for FREE right here!! :D



2012-12-18 04:14:05 by StarF68

And I am quite pleased with the results. :D


2012-10-13 02:46:17 by StarF68

And by "help" I mean "money."

Seriously though, if you contribute some cash towards my project, I will love you forever.


Basically I want to make a music video, and all the details and prizes are right through that link. I'd love your help! Thank you so much. <3

I'm a mod!

2011-06-08 21:44:01 by StarF68

Cool, and stuff!


2010-11-07 01:03:33 by StarF68


If you want to know about it, read the liner notes lol.

It was made in like two days. ENJOY!




2010-10-31 07:51:48 by StarF68

Apparently my song Relentless is blowing up in the audio portal, awsome!

Thanks to everyone who listened. <3

This is a huge motivation to work harder on my next endeavor. I'll be releasing a lot of new material in the near future.

I'm also going to possibly work on a new EP or even album with Untested Methods, the guy who did the remix of Relentless. He does great work.

Speaking of, why don't you check out his album? It's completely free to download.

Untested Methods - ALT+F4 MY LIFE

I've also put up his remix of my song Deactivate. Here's the lyrics:

Have I made it clear yet that I'm here to stay?
I work hard on the tracks that you hear when you press play
So when you hear my name recognize the fame
That I'll be sure to gain once I beat this game
I rock harder than Stonehenge and reign harder than Katrina
Defensive of my genre and offensive in demeanor
So don't be surprised if when I arrived I was a noob
Now I'm squeezing every last listener outta the tubes
It's true! I level up every time I make a song
So exponential growth suggests that it won't be too long
Until I've maxed out my experience and I'll become impervious
To any attacks, I'm far too imense; you're so superfluous
Did you expect anything less? I'm gonna be a Star
It's implied in my name that I would take this talent Far
So when my flames turn you to char after you unzip my .rar
Maybe you'll realize I've raised the bar for what's considered to be par

Unless you want to be splattered scatter away from my car
I'm the ruler, king, emporer, and even the tzar
So my target? Glad you asked, now look into the mirror
Ask yourself these questions, go on, loud and clear:
Question one: "Do I abuse music for the sake of the money?"
Question two: "Do I shirk intelligence because I'm a dummy?"
Question three: "Have I ever talked about getting crunk?"
Answer yes to any of them and I'm locked onto you punk
See I don't tolerate junk, I embrace raps with heart and soul
And every commercial gimmick that rolls through is taking the toll
On the collective image that we're setting out for ourselves
They forgot that it's about music, it's not about wealth
The journey not the product; that'd be themselves in the matter
They're not selling their music for which the masses clamor
They're selling an image that these saps wish to be
They can't see clearly, it's just brainwashing to me

It's been said before, but now I'm adding my voice
Think when you pick up a mic, realize you have a choice
You can craft a work of art with a passion that's true
Or you can be a jerk and just start rappin with no clue
I bet you couldn't even name the four elements
I inference that to you this concept makes no sense
That you could sling words with a power to get people to thinking?
But you're caught up with an ignorant blend of cliches you're drinking
Now you're drunk on the feeling that this bland mixture of words
Would get ANYONE excited, think again cause we're nerds
We heard your excuses for music and deletes your tunes
Rolled a better class than you and we'll be rising up soon
Don't believe me? It's already underway; check the progress
Uploaded past the halfway point and there's no way you'll stop us
We're a glitch in your system, we're a fresh breath of air
You're a bitch we've black-listed for your failure to care

We'll powerdown your empire because every one is a liar
Not long before you expire since you suck like a vampire
And as we're rising up higher you're sinking below underground
A reversal of the lexicon we once embraced proud
When the mainstream is art and you're stuggling to be noticed
Won't you be surprised when we look down and say "Blow this"
And to you such a phrase counts as an incredible diss
Since you're missing the point by wearing your heart on your fists
Overcompensating by playing beats with unbearable bass?
Take an extra dose of lyrics now straight to the face
I can deploy literary techniques to leave you confused
Your persona depleted, so mentally abused
For example, similies, you're like a really wet flatus
Sound like shit, man you stink, don't deserve elevated status
Metaphors, you are a tornado that's invading my space
You think you're a bigshot but you blow, get out of my face

Personification applies human traits to those not alive
But you're really a robot, so I guess that one could apply
So when you're "spitting on the mic," tell me if this computes:
I'm gonna install a virus on you sending you into infinite loops
Until you have to reboot, but we won't let that happen
Just throw you out which will get the audience to clapping
Then we invade like the storm you always wished you were
Now raise your hands up high if you're prone to concur
This is it! Now we're here! We're going to shout this loud!
Bring your energy now because we'll drown them in sound
Scream the catch phrase of this new paradigm
To the slaves of the popular and unintelligent rhymes:

DEACTIVATE! Pull the plug from the wall!
DEACTIVATE! This is your last call!
DEACTIVATE! We are the glitch in your system
DEACTIVATE! Now we forever resist them


Enjoy, and thanks again! <3


2010-09-15 06:58:23 by StarF68

Not only does this concept sound absolutely amazing, but MadHatter is an awsome person who does a ton of great work, and deserves to have this project funded. It would be greatly appreciated if you contributed to this awsome piece of Scrub Club history. <3


I want to go back to Nerdapalooza

2010-08-10 22:13:37 by StarF68

Where everything was just fun and perfect.

(P.S. I'm on the left.)

I want to go back to Nerdapalooza

Sage Francis - The Best of Times

2010-06-10 15:54:15 by StarF68

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Amazing video. Amazing song.


2010-04-25 02:01:19 by StarF68

This is a video from my show on 4-20 at the Sugar Room in Mankato, Minnesota. Performing the song "Nomicide" with Mattari 2600. First time doing this one live, tons of fun! :D

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