Time to actually write something

2007-07-17 21:08:05 by StarF68

Okay, it's time to get to my thoughts on the redesign. First off, all in all, I think it's pretty fantastic. Not only does everything look really nice, but some of the upgrades are really cool too. There's also things I don't like, but of course, you can't please everyone, and I'll get used to it anyways. Besides, they're not going to change certain things just for me, so I must deal with it.

Some of these minor annoyances include the following:

1) The lack of an exclamation point icon for posts. Now they're all emoticons. Like I said, I'll get over it, but it annoys me because I used the exclamation point... A lot. Now it got converted into the shouting face.

2) The fact that there's no "Post Reply" button at the bottom of threads. Yeah, I recently realized you can just hit "Reply To Post," but for some reason it just feels different. Once again, something I'll get over.

3) Some of the levels either don't fit in or are just ordered weirdly. For example, level 25 looks very cartoonish to me, and doesn't seem to belong. Also 33-34 (I believe those are the levels) are both shuriken levels right next to each other. I think they look cool, but they shouldn't be next to each other. Finally, levels 58 and 59 annoy me because they're people, not weapons. They simply don't fit in.

4) On the forum I think the icon takes up too much of the... "glory," so to speak. I mean the post count kinda gets buried. Now I'm not one to say post count determines the users say in a thread, but if you have a lot and you're a decent user it's nice for people to be able to easily notice that, or whatever. I don't know, I think it's just a bit too small and insignifigant as it is. Oh well.

5) Oh yes, and of course there's the fact that currently (And I hope they change this) there is no animated sigs. The new dimensions of the sigs also kinda annoys me, but I'll adjust. Hopefully they'll allow animated sigs once more in the future though.

6) And another thing about the forum. I don't like the tankmen icons, I preffered the tanks instead. That'll be another minor adjustment though.

Now onto other things. Personally I'm both glad and annoyed that the experience curve (Curve or curb? Meh, either way) is gone. I liked it in one way, but the thought of multiple level 60s somehow cheapens the status, even if that wont be achieved for awhile. But I'm also happy that leveling will become a little bit easier, and that you can't level down.

Another thing that's a bit annoying is the fact that I can't seem to view my reviews... I'm not sure if I'm clicking something wrong, if it's a glitch, or what, but I cannot get to my reviews. And on the subject of reviews, I'm saddened that the rating system has been changed to merely a 0-10 star rating system. And hopefully they'll at least add half-stars to it as well.

But once again, all in all I really like the site. I enjoy the old music being back on the front page, the fact that when you click stuff it slides down, the amusing staff page (And easter eggs), the new look in general, most of the level icons, and just all the other stuff. Fantastic job everyone.

Also, Paltalk was very interesting and fun today.

So yeah, that basically concludes my thoughts on the redesign! Hopefully all the glitches and such will be taken care of by tomorrow. Things will probably be back to normal in about a week.

And on a side-note, it's weird to think that once you take everything in, you realize the true content of the site is still all the same stuff. Heh. It'll be interesting in a year when we can talk about "the good old days" of NewGrounds, blah blah blah.


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Time to actually write something
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2007-07-18 04:16:14

Thank you for the Sig help.

Also, Very insightful blog.

StarF68 responds:

You're welcome, and thanks for the comment. :)


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